Parents are the First Educators!

At The Children’s Workshop, we pride ourselves on building positive and supportive relationships with our parents. We work closely with parents to form strong attachments which in turn helps our children to feel valued, safe and secure.

Parents are encouraged to visit other local pre-schools prior to Registration so that one can be chosen which most closely matches the needs of the child and the parents’ own expectations and standards.

Parents are always welcome. They are encouraged to come for preliminary visits when children, parents and staff can get to know each other and to share totally in their children’s time at the Workshop. We gather as much information as we can about your child so that we get to know their starting points, their likes/dislikes, and support they may need to help them settle into the routine of our setting.

We use an online journal called Tapestry which parents are encouraged to participate in. We love seeing the learning taking place in their home environment and will use this knowledge to extend the learning taking place at The Workshop.

By bringing their children for preliminary visits, parents are able to learn about our routine and structure of the session, and see our policies in action, take part in activities or merely relax and observe.

At the beginning of each Term, we have newsletters supplemented during the Term when necessary. There are notice boards at each entrance to ensure that Parents can be fully informed and Tapestry is used to keep parents informed of the activities planned for each week.

We are always trying to improve and welcome constructive feedback on how we are doing and regularly send out questionnaires for parents to help us improve our provision.

During the Spring Term, we invite Parents in to observe their children. It is a wonderful opportunity to see their child play and learn in a totally different environment, something which is hard to replicate as they move on to the next step in their education and ‘Big School’.

We embrace and celebrate Parents’ cultural backgrounds and faiths. We invite parents in so that we can share in these special times of celebrations, festivals and cultural experiences which are an important part of our families lives.

At Christmas, we have concerts for parents and friends and parties with a visit from Father Christmas.