Parents are the first educators!

Our aim is to support and extend their essential work. Parents are encouraged to visit other local pre-schools prior to Registration so that one can be chosen which most closely matches the needs of the child and the parents’ own expectations and standards.

Parents are always welcome. They are encouraged to come for preliminary visits when children, parents and staff can get to know each other and to share totally in their children’s time at the Workshop. They share in their child’s personal initial profiles at around age 3, the Key-person consultations and are encouraged to participate fully in using our online learning journals.

By bringing their children for preliminary visits, parents are able to learn about the Early Learning Goals, our routine and structures, read and see our policies in action, take part in activities or merely relax and observe. They are always welcome to come and help the regular staff and are frequently invited to join the emergency staff rota.

At the beginning of each Term, we have newsletters supplemented during the Term when necessary. There are notice boards at each entrance to ensure that Parents can be fully informed.

Parents may be invited to take part in specific events and occasions and are encouraged to join our cover register.

This year we will be participating in the Molesey Photgraphic Society Annual exhibition, using photographs which the children have taken using Workshop cameras.

There are usually 2 questionnaires for parents during the year and 1 for the children. These provide us with information and opinions which we value and use to improve our provision.

At Christmas, we have concerts for parents and friends and parties with a visit from Father Christmas.